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21 Facts About Me:

My grandad and I when I was only a couple of months old...

My grandad Bernard and I when I was only a couple of months old…

    1. I’m jade shepherd (with a little j and s because that’s how I like it) 😀
    2. I am a stubborn but loyal Leo…rawrr
    3. I can recite the whole of ‘The Jabberwocky’ off by heart
    4. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of crustaceans, although I do remember getting along quite well with a little hermit crab once on holiday…
    5. I am vegan!
    6. My favourite food is probably either fresh berries (e.g. raspberries, strawberries, blackberries etc.) or pasta
    7. My favourite drink is either coconut water or sugarcane juice
    8. My favourite movie is Silence Of The Lambs
    9. My favourite book was an encyclopedia I was given when I left pre-school…but it got lost when we moved…
    10. My favourite bands are Whitesnake, Pink Floyd and AC/DC
    11. When I was little I wanted to be a paramedic, which later changed to a vet and has now settled on a musician
    12. I once found a £10 note at the bottom of a public aquatics centre jacuzzi
    13. I accidentally told my Year 9 French teacher (in French) that he had a nice bum…awkward…I mispronounced ‘beaucoup’ and ended up saying ‘beau cul’ instead
    14. I am an adrenaline junkie. Always loved roller coasters. Always loved being on the back of my dad’s Honda CBR 1000. Gonna get myself a superbike when I’m older. Adding ‘bungee jumping’ and ‘skydiving’ to my bucket list to do in the near future
    15. I much prefer sleeping out under the stars to sleeping inside, in a bed
    16. My dream car is either an Aston Martin DBS or a Jaguar E-Type
    17. I love running, cycling, swimming, hiking…you name it
    18. I am a self confessed old fashioned romantic. Take it or leave it.
    19. I love to laugh and make others laugh too
    20. I love to write poems and short stories, as well as writing lyrics for songs
    21. Oh yeah, I make music too…just in case you didn’t already know that 😉

Entertainers Worldwide Registered Acoustic Guitarist / Vocalist


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