Other Instruments

As well as playing drums & percussion, I also play guitar, bass and keyboard and I started having a go with all three at around about the same time, to be honest.


Guitar is the instrument I have been familiar with the longest I would say. Purely because of my dad playing it since I can remember.


I started by using my dad’s Alvarez FD60SU electro-acoustic guitar and his Westone Thunder 1A electric guitar. Later on, however, I acquired my own guitars.


Stanley is my MIM Fender Stratocaster. He means the absolute world to me and will never ever be sold!




Vincent was my second guitar. He is a Baby Taylor BT2E 3/4 sized travel electro-acoustic guitar in Mohogany. I used him for my very first gig and he is named after the song Vincent by Don McLean.


Solomon (Sol):

Sol is the latest edition to my collection. He is a Luna Vista Wolf electro-acoustic guitar. He is absolutely stunning and is simply wonderful to play!



My mum had both an acoustic and an electric bass, both of which she never really did anything with. *Cue me and my curiosity to pick them up and have a play of them*

They both felt lovely to play and I loved the deep sound compared with the higher pitched twang of a standard guitar, so I continued to play them every now and then if I fancied a break from six strings.


I’d had a keyboard up in my bedroom for a few years, and occasionally built up a bit of a tune for fun, but again I never really started using it properly until I began to upload ‘official’ videos. Nowadays, I’m on it regularly, learning the chords to a specific song I’m thinking of covering or even whipping up pretty melodies of my own!

Entertainers Worldwide Registered Acoustic Guitarist / Vocalist


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